Individual and Group Therapy

Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center offers trauma informed therapeutic services to provide further support to our children and families. Our clinical program is tailored to the unique needs and situations of children and adolescents who have suffered abuse and received forensic services at the center. Additionally, therapists work to support the recovery of family members and to improve their ability to assist the child.

Pat’s Place offers several treatment options including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), play therapy, and trauma-informed individual, family, and group therapy. Trauma–informed therapy helps children and adolescents and their caregivers to manage feelings, talk about the trauma, and develop plans for feeling safe in the future.

We have also begun an evidence informed group therapy program to support children and their families impacted by problematic sexualized behaviors. This therapy process is for children (ages 7-12) who have displayed inappropriate behaviors and need compassionate rehabilitation.

Parents and guardians will be asked to participate in the majority of their child’s sessions in order to add to their child’s sense of support in the healing process as well as share and learn about their own emotional responses to the trauma.

All therapy sessions are offered at no cost to a child’s family.


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